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November 20th, 2017

Steam (PC / Mac / Linux)


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Nirvana Pilot Yume is the cure for your ‘80s sci-fi anime nostalgia. Experience space races inspired by the DOS classic SkyRoads and a steamy visual novel of romance and redemption. Turn on the neon lights and raise the volume of the synthwave soundtrack: welcome to 3080.


Welcome to 3080: the barrier of the Speed of Light has been broken, and the Atanasij Power Engines allow spaceships to travel at Ultrathought speed. War is just a memory, and interplanetary disputes are now settled in the G.U.R.U. (Great Ultrathought Race of the Universe), where selected pilots of each Orbital City compete in enormous interplanetary circuits. A 'Pilot' and an 'Eye' are required to drive the Ultrathought Spaceships: during the Nirvana Sync, they experience a strong, intimate bond and they can drive the ship as if they were a single organism. You are the legendary Eye Aldaine, now retired and fallen in disgrace after a tragic accident. Yume is a young and ambitious girl who wants to become a Nirvana Pilot at all costs. Breaking into your life, she asks your help to master the incredible speed of the Ultra-Engine. Your choices and your piloting skills will define your destiny. Will you be able to win back your place among the best pilots of Alba Proxima?


  • 12 story events with multiple paths and 4 Different story endings.
  • 10+1 space races set in retro-themed, low poly environments with a gameplay inspired to a 1993 classic: SkyRoads.
  • For space racers: jump in the Arcade mode and train your Nirvana Pilot reflexes!
  • Sexy scenes not just for the sake of it, they are part of a story!
  • Crazy metalwave soundtrack by Retröxx.
  • Retrowave anime inspired world and characters.
  • Windows, OSX and Linux Support


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  • "Nirvana Pilot Yume answers the question: What if the classic DOS game Skyroads was a Visual Novel?"
    - , IndieDB

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Windows, Mac, Linux builds available from dev9k.itch.io.

About Dev9k

We are a bio-holographic construct mostly composed by two flesh exoskeletons working together in a harmonious synch. As many other intelligent lifeforms, we like stories and games. That's why we never create one without the other. We like building Visual Novels: after some prototypes we lent ourselves to another studio for a yet to be announced project. It came natural, at the end of that, to proceed on the same path: Nirvana Pilot Yume was born. This time we wanted to spice things up and mix the traditional Visual Novel recipe (read the story, make choices) with skill-based gameplay sections. Between the anime-style story events, the player will run the actual races in a retro-themed, low poly environment, with a gameplay inspired by a 1993 classic: Skyroads. We used to play it a lot in our childhood, and what a surprise it was when we recently discovered that it was made in Estonia, the very same place where we established our team.

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Nirvana Pilot Yume Credits

Massimiliano Nigro
Art & Storytelling, Dev9k

Antonio Scacchetti
Production and Development, Dev9k

Silvia Furghieri
PR, Freelance

Martin Viidik
Map design and additional development, Freelance

Retröxx - Dániel Kovács, Norbert Salgó, Bence Sánta

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks